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Our Strong Points

Our firm draws strength from a powerful source, being the skill and commitment of founding Attorney and support staff.

We are never shy of selling ourselves on the basis of the following strong points:

  • • An impressive work ethic. Our firm’s fresh approach is calculated to meet all work challenges head on. Most importantly, however, we envisage increasing our professional and support staff and propel ourselves onto a trajectory of organic growth.
  • • Quick turn-around time. What gives us an edge over our peers is our ability to deliver results promptly and efficiently.
  • • Specialization. Our focus on areas where our strength lies does not comprise our ability to break new ground and explore other fields of law.
  • • Value for money. We keep our fees reasonable as a marketing strategy and yet do not compromise on the quality of service.

Our Billing Structure

Our billing structure is informed by the nature of work, amount involved and our clients’ needs. We live by a firm commitment to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and ethical conduct at all times.

We appreciate that clients’ costs are a primary concern and are therefore amenable to negotiations on flexible rates.

Amongst other things, we are guided by the Law Society’s rules consistent with our commitment to ethical and professional conduct.